Catford Cookbook

Shopping, cooking and eating with your neighbours

The Catford Cookbook celebrates Catford’s rich heritage, evolving present, and vibrant future.

It’s a vibrant and diverse part of South East London with a down-to-earth and warm community.

Through each of the 100 recipes, the Catford Cookbook roams from high street to side street via the market, picking out ingredients with complex flavours and brilliant backstories – and introducing businesses even longtime Catfordians may not be aware of.

Each recipe was chosen after speaking with local people about the meals they create now and the dishes they ate growing up, especially those dishes they deeply miss and would love to eat again.

Food is a language without barriers that connects past and present and allows people to learn about other cultures.

Dishes are split into chapters of meat, poultry, fish, vegetarian, vegan and sweets - with something for every season. Summer dishes like coconut prawns can be made from shellfish bought at H&S Fish Market and Japanese breadcrumbs from FLK Chinese Groceries, served with a mango sour chutney by local brand, Pat & Pinky’s. Learn how to make Brazil’s famous export of Pão de queijo (cheese bread) by picking up cassava flour from Tony’s Grocers and manioc starch from the Brazilian Groceries and Butcher on Rushey Green. The festive Caribbean black cake can be made with Catford’s very own Three Cats Rum adding caramel undertones to this traditional bake.

A perfect winter warmer can be found in the beef and oyster pie, with a special order of oysters from David Oakman butchers and a porter ale from the Bottle Bar and Shop.

Alternatively, cook the spiced lamb pie using yufka pastry, available from PFC Turkish supermarket or buy everything you need for a Polish hunter’s stew at Korona Polish Deli.

The Catford Cookbook is illustrated throughout by local artist, Nancy Ellis, and will encourage readers to see Catford with fresh eyes and appetite, showing how to support independent businesses and immerse themselves in the depth and deliciousness of the area.

The book can be purchased from the House of Catford website from 25 September 2020 with profits from sales going to the Sickle Cell Society and Catford Fridge Station Community Fridge.

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